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"The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine." — Albert Einstein 

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Imagine having an owner's manual for your body and being able to asses your body's energetic state of health on a daily basis. 

Imagine enhancing your wellness and bringing harmony and homeostasis to your life with simple frequencies instead of chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Imagine doing all of this in the comfort and privacy of your own home from your phone, tablet or computer. 


AO Scan Technology is an affordable, yet powerful, bio-feedback scanner and frequency generator that does all of this... and more.


Using principals of bioresonance, the scanner reads the vibration patterns, or frequencies, of your body and creates reports for you to look at to see where your body needs extra support for balance and harmony. 

Is there a part of the body that is not emitting enough energy or frequency? Or is there a part of the body that is emitting too much energy or frequency?

This tool allows you to take a deeper look into yourself for alignment and balance, and to see where your body may have derailed a little and needs to get back on track. 

We can use this technology as a guide to help us understand ourselves better. The reports help pinpoint places that need more attention or more support. 

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Loaded with a variety of options, the AO Scan Technology helps you optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance.

These scans can be done with your own device, or scan others...REMOTELY!

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The Inner-Voice program enhances daily life by boosting focus, creativity, and emotional awareness. This innovative tool enables you to submit a 10-second voice sample to pinpoint and assess disruptions in voice tone, pitch, and pattern, identifying imbalances in your emotional state. The program reveals the four most unbalanced octaves and generates MP3 files that create Balancing Harmonics. These music files integrate radionics, binaural beats, and other frequencies to promote emotional and mental wellbeing.



Are you prepared to try out this amazing device for yourself? You can start with a complimentary introductory scan! And the best part is, it can all be done remotely, so there's no need for us to meet in person.

How It Works

Solex’s AO Scan Technology reads and interprets energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance signals, so that you know what is going on inside your body.

Designed to scan and measure frequencies, then compare them with their established blueprint, the AO Scan is able to identify variances. Using noise-canceling technology, the AO Scan emits opposing frequencies that disable chaotic dissonance, so that your body can reset.


The result is movement toward a balanced body and mind.

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